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Congo African Grey Parrot For Sale African Parrots Bird Deposit Only VIP Shipping Payment If you are looking for a Congo African Grey

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Described as the perfect combination of brains and beauty, the African Grey is one of the more popular parrots kept by the aviculturist.

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How to Determine the Sex of African Grey Parrots. African Greys are smart, popular birds. It may be helpful to know the sex of your parrot if you intend to breed, or

Simple List of Foods For Your Grey, Here is our quick and simple list of foods that are good for your African Grey parrot.

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jorge 8. October 2015 at 0:32. Adorable African Grey Parrot & Eggs For Sale.Our parrots are healthy and raised in a pristine clean condition,they are raised in our

Most African parrots can be easily sexed after they have molted once.

Information on the Timneh African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus timneh), origin, size, talking ability, behavior, diet, nutrition and toys.

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Although it’s not very easy to distinguish between male and female African grey parrots but you can still try to differ between them after reading these 6 differences.

African Grey Parrot information and guide – diet, nutrition, toys, behavior, cage size, health, illness, body language, facts. Congo, Timneh.

Jean Pattison’s African Queen Aviaries, African Grey Parrots and other African Parrots for sale – Senegals, Meyers. Contact Jean Pattison for a speaking engagement.

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