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We specialize in Thread, Sewing Thread, Embroidery Thread, Elastics, Sewing Needles, Embroidery Needles, Zippers, Mundial Shears, Plastic Hangers, Hanger Tape, Organ

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Size 69 is also known as Tex 70, 210 D/3 and Government Size E. It has an 11 lb. (5.0 kilo) tensile strength; a 0.115 in. (0.2921 mm) diameter.

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ThreadArt has the best selection of thread on the web. All types of thread in stock. Machine embroidery, quilting, sewing and more.

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Closely linked to all of this is frequently breaking thread. Are the list of reasons the same? Could you run throught these too and the common causes?

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Superior Threads has a vast range of Variegated Threads which are excellent for embroidery and quilting. Cotton, Polyester, Metallic, and Silk fibers are available in

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Your source for wool fabrics, Appleton Wools, A-Z books, project kits, wool blankets, and other finished woolen items

The stretchy thread for sergers Best prices! $2.99 per cone. 50 colors in stock. Fast Shipping.

If you are using a straight stich, you wil get thread breaks. Use a stretch stitch – something that has a back and forth motion or use a short narrow zigzag.

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How to Make Invisible Thread. Ever wonder how famous magicians like David Blaine are able to make objects seemingly float in air? It’s called invisible thread, or

Thread comes in a variety of colors, weights, and types. We sell Embroidery Thread, Quilting Thread, and Serger Thread in polyester and cotton blends. Let u

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